Imaging Making 2021 The Year You Transform Your Health & Fitness, Whilst Gaining The Strength & Confidence You Have Always Wanted!

With our 2021 challenge this can be a reality in six weeks.


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Expert Trainers and an amazing communtity

You may have seen the dozens of 5-star Facebook reviews that our raving clients have talked about...Why?
Because in the past years we've helped 100s of people in Teddington drop an average of 14-18 lbs in their first 6 weeks and keep it off ! 

Our trainers and the community feeling that you get when you join ZEN are second to none. Many of our Clients make friends for life and we pride ourselves on the socials we organise for our members.

We have an idyllic training setting at Bushy Park Sports Club with extensive private grounds, along with changing room facilities, parking and also indoor options to train from.  

We have one of the most experienced teams in SW London including 6 personal trainers and 2 Client Liasons. We are all super passionate about making sure the sessions are always varied and you reach the Ultimate results in both your nutrition and your fitness over the 6 weeks & beyond.

Simple, Effective, 'no diet' Nutrition Coaching

 We will personally coach you through nutrition to make it simple, easy and enjoyable. We are empowering women & men by helping them to become healthier & fitter. No diet, just healthy eating so you feel great and see results for the long term without spending countless hours in the gym.

We'll provide you with tons of recipes, meal planning and food prep so there is no guesswork and you can eat the foods you like (and still have the odd glass of wine)

We have 3 different options when it comes to your nutrition to make sure that everyone who starts our programmes are properly catered for and get the results they need. These include a comprehensive detox plan, a flexible eating plan and also a habit tracking plan. There are over 150 recipes to choose from which include calories and a macro-nutrient breakdown.

Accountability, Motivation and Support

You don't just get us for 3 hours a week in sessions. As your coaches, we will be there for you in our private Facebook online group & members What's App Groups 24/7 for the entire programme to answer questions and give you all the extra support you need!

Our sole aim is that you succeed and get amazing results. Need a boot up the bum and some extra 
encouragement from time to time. You got it! 

We have our ZEN Planner & ZEN Training Mobile Apps where you can book in sessions, do workouts 
with our videos and also view all our educational pdf's and videos. We've got you every step of the way !

We also run online zoom sessions alongside the in person sessions which give you access to more than 20 sessions each week to choose from.

Mon/Tue/Wed/Thu/Fri -6 & 9:30am
Mon/Tue/Wed/Thu/Fri -7pm
Mon/Wed -8pm    Sat - 8:30 & 10am



Imagine 6 weeks of focused training and personalised nutrition to help you take control of your health. You deserve to be the best version of yourself. You deserve to prove to the person in the mirror that you can keep a promise, stay committed, and achieve your goals in the next 6 weeks. Let us guide you step by step, and day by day to your first finish line, look back and be proud of what you’ve accomplished. It might not be easy at times… but it will ABSOLUTELY be worth it.

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